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Meet The Team

Summit Research is a medical research organization in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Since 1976, we're committed to enhancing medical treatment through high-quality scientific research and patient care.

Our Mission

Expanding scientific knowledge while maintaining the highest quality patient care

Summit Research is a medical research organization located in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Since 1976, we remain dedicated to improving medical treatment by conducting high quality scientific research and patient care. We work in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies to develop better future treatments and better health for individuals with medical and mental health conditions. Our expanded services include the Memory Health Center within Summit Research to focus on dementia and other age related memory conditions.

In 2021, Summit Research joined Headlands Research integrated network of clinical trials sites. Our staff includes physicians; psychologists, nurse practitioners, certified clinical research coordinators, medical assistants, and support personnel.


Jennie L. Turner, M.S.

Site Director


Scott Losk, PhD

Principal Investigator/Clinical Director

Beal Essink, MD

Principal Investigator

Andre Barkhuizen, MD


Edward Junn, MD


Desteny Adams. FNP-C

Family Nurse Practitioner


Lisa Calmettes

Accounting Manager

Annika Truitt

Manager - Research Operations

Stephanie Couture

Patient Recruitment Manager

Rachael Young, ST, MA

Lab Manager

Quality, Study Coordinators & Research Assistants

Anita Voskanyan Semerjian

Quality Assurance Lead

Bridgette Wathen

Clinical Research Coordinator

Natasha Barnhill, ACRP-CP

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Tyler Leecing

Senior Clinical Research Coordinator

Aaliyah Bussanich

Clinical Research Coordinator

Emlyn Stenger

Regulatory Coordinator/Clinical Research Coordinator

Savannah Simmons

Clinical Research Coordinator

Grace Reiman

Research Assistant

Haden Franken

Research Assistant

Tina Briscoe

Research Assistant


Missy Bruinenberg

Contracts Coordinator

Helen Fick


Raters & Pharmacy

Carrie Crider, BS

Research Clinician / Rater

What kind of research is done at Summit?

We perform research studies, also known as clinical trials, of approved and investigational medications. Some of these studies are undertaken to enhance our understanding of currently available medications (for example; determining optimal dose schedules). We also conduct research on medications that are not available to the general public except in research studies, and look at questions of expanded usage (for example; determining whether an established medical treatment for depression is also effective in treating anxiety).

All medications available by prescription in the U.S. must go through this highly regulated, scientific process to evaluate whether an investigational medication can be approved and made available to all.

Many of our studies involve comparisons between an investigational study medication, a commonly prescribed medication, and a placebo (inactive substance). Placebo groups are included in some of our studies because the status of patients in the placebo group provides a comparison base for evaluating the effectiveness of active medications. In addition, a surprising number of people improve when treated with placebos.

Our patients receive research-related care, evaluations, and supervision by our professional and experienced staff. A post-study treatment program may also be available to patients once their study participation has been completed. All of these services are provided at no cost to the patient and health insurance is not required for any study required visits or procedures. In addition, many of our clinical trials provide study participants with a stipend or compensation for time and travel.