What kind of research is done at Summit?

We perform research studies of approved and investigational medications for various physical and emotional conditions. Some of these studies are undertaken to enhance our understanding of currently available medications (for example, determining optimal dose schedules). We also conduct research on medications that are not available to the general public except in research studies, and look at questions of expanded usage (for example, determining whether an established medical treatment for depression is also effective in treating anxiety). All medications now on the market have gone through this same process.

Many of our studies involve comparisons between an investigational study medication, a commonly prescribed medication, and a placebo (inactive substance). We include placebo groups in some of our studies because a surprising number of people improve when treated with placebos, and the status of patients in the placebo group gives us a comparison base for evaluating the effectiveness of active medications.

Our goal is to expand what is known about medical treatment while offering top-quality patient care. Our patients receive all research care, mental health evaluations, medical evaluations, and supervision by our professional and experienced staff. A post study treatment program is also available to patients once their study participation has been completed. All of these services are provided at no cost to the patient.