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Currently Enrolling Research Studies

The list below represents clinical trials that are currently enrolling. See a list of all of the conditions we study.

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Working together for better future treatments and better health.

We’ve been providing quality research and patient care since 1976. For many, we are the first step in getting help and gaining information about a medical illness or condition. Our team of doctors, nurses and clinicians are researching to find more effective medications and medical advancements.

We perform research studies of approved and investigational medications for various physical and emotional conditions. Some of these studies are undertaken to enhance our understanding of currently available medications (for example, determining optimal dose schedules). We also conduct research on medications that are not available to the general public except in research studies, and look at questions of expanded usage (for example, determining whether an established medical treatment for depression is also effective in treating anxiety). All medications available by prescription in the U.S. must go through this highly regulated, scientific process to evaluate whether an investigational medication can be approved and made available to all.