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Enrolling Studies
Enrolling Studies

Migraines & Headaches

The World Health Organization includes migraines as one of the 10 most debilitating medical conditions in the world affecting over 37 million in the U.S. alone. Since migraines are so common, there is a need for a variety of therapy options that are suitable for all ages.

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About Our Migraine Research Studies

Migraine is a common cause of headaches in adults. Population-based studies indicate that between 12 - 16 % of people suffer from migraine headaches with women being affected three times as often as men. Migraine headaches can be so severe that they can prevent the ability to carry on with usual activities for many hours or days.

The causes of such headaches are not completely understood, but most researchers believe they stem from a combination of genetic, neurochemical and vascular mechanisms.

Many people with migraines receive little relief from over-the-counter pain medications. Fortunately, newer agents appear to be making advances in the treatment of migraine.

Common Symptoms of Migraines

Some typical features of migraine headache include:

Quality care at no cost

At Summit Research Network, our migraines and headaches research studies are provided at no cost to those who qualify. No health insurance is required. Our studies are led by board-certified physicians who have conducted hundreds clinical trials. Your comfort and safety is their number one concern.


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