Pediatric ADHD

Most children are active, energetic and inquisitive. However, some regularly struggle with inattention, hyperactivity and impulsivity. Most often boys, but also girls, show these symptoms as toddlers and the problems are magnified when they begin attending school. Other symptoms of ADHD can include having trouble waiting their turn and becoming easily bored.

Children with ADHD often find it hard to complete tasks and often work carelessly. They seem disorganized and may shift from one project to another without finishing. Children with ADHD can also be forgetful and easily distracted.

Although ADHD children seem fidgety with a short attention span, they can sit still and concentrate on something of interest to them. Some appear impatient and impulsive and frequently can’t control their anger. This often creates problems at home and school, where disruptive behaviors are most apparent.

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Studies Related to Pediatric ADHD

Condition We Study
ADHD in adults is characterized by difficulty concentrating, staying organized, and trouble staying focused. It can create difficulties in the workplace and in relationships.
Condition We Study
Adolescent Depression
Depression in children is more than just the normal everyday emotions of growing up. Depressed children are persistently sad or may show disruptive behaviors at school or at home.