Our goal at Summit Research Network is to expand scientific knowledge while maintaining the highest quality patient care.

Summit Research Network is an independent medical research organization with an out-patient facility located in the greater Portland, Oregon area. Since 1976, we have worked in cooperation with pharmaceutical companies to develop future new medical treatments for a variety of conditions. With decades of experience in the clinical research industry Summit Research Network has adapted with the ever-changing industry to successfully provide the most advanced research techniques to help develop better treatments and better future health for individuals with psychiatric and other health conditions. We have expanded services to include the Memory Health Center within Summit Research Network to focus on dementia and other age related memory conditions.

Our staff includes physicians (psychiatry, internal medicine, and endocrinology), psychologists, nurse practitioners, registered and master’s level nurses, certified clinical research coordinators, medical assistants, and support personnel. Many of our staff, including clinician raters, have been with Summit Research for 10 years or more. In addition, our site offers: the ability to utilize central IRBs, experience with electronic data capture, inter-rater reliability training, quality assurance monitoring, an aftercare program for study participants, a dedicated recruitment team, and comprehensive advertising program.

Below is a list of therapeutic areas we study.


Portland, OR


Principal Investigators:


Ward T. Smith, M.D.
Scott N. Losk, Ph. D.
James H. Bergthold, M.D.
MaryAnn Conrad, M.D.
Philip Bolton, M.D.

DSM IV Indications

ADHD – adult X
ADHD – pediatric X
Anxiety Disorders:
Panic Disorder X
Social Phobia X
Alzheimer’s type X
Vascular or Mixed type X
Mild or Cognitive Impairment X
Eating Disorders:
Binge Eating Disorder X
Bulimia X
Impulse Control Disorders:
Pathological Gambling X
Primary X
Co-occuring with other psychiatric disorders X
Mood Disorders:
MDD – adult (single, recurrent, treatment resistance, seasonal, co-morbid with medical conditions or substance abuse) X
MDD – pediatric X
Dysthymia X
Bipolar I and II X
Sexual Dysfunction X
Substance Related Disorders:
Alcohol Abuse/Dependence including co-morbid w/ other psychiatricdisorders X
Heroin Abuse/Opioid Abuse/Dependence X
Marijuana Abuse/Dependence X


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome X
Diabetes Type II X
Dysmetabolic Syndrome X
Fibromyalgia X
Hyperlipidemia X
Hypertension X
Menopause X
Migraine X
Obesity X
Osteoporosis – Prevention/Treatment X
Pain Disorders X
Sleep Disorders X
Smoking Cessation X
Vaccine Studies X