Pediatric Depression

Depression in children may differ from depression in adults, so it’s important to know the symptoms. You may notice sadness, withdrawing from family and friends, extreme sensitivity to failure, poor concentration, changes in ability to sleep, and increased irritability. Many kids who are depressed will also experience a change in how much they participate in social or school activities. They may also show a decline in their academic performance.

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Studies Related to Pediatric Depression

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Symptoms of depression include feeling sad, down, hopeless, indecisive or irritable. It can take the fun out of life leaving you feeling numb, lethargic and empty.
Condition We Study
Juvenile Fibromyalgia
A child that complains of feeling pain “all over” and shows extreme fatigue on a regular basis may have juvenile fibromyalgia.
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Children with ADHD may have trouble paying attention and trouble focusing on a task or assignment. Other symptoms include being wound up, busy, and restless.
Condition We Study
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Summit Research Network is offering free depression screenings all year long for adults and children as a part of National Depression Screening Day.