Adults with ADHD are often easily sidetracked, have trouble paying attention and difficulty with details. They may struggle with feeling impulsive and disorganized.

When ADHD starts during childhood, it often lasts into adulthood. Living with ADHD as an adult takes on many new challenges including finding a job, maintaining a job, managing deadlines, running finances and establishing more significant relationships. Having ADHD can make these activities very difficult because ADHD affects decision making, concentration and overall effectiveness.

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Studies Related to ADHD

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Bipolar Disorder is characterized by extreme mood swings. People with bipolar disorder can be happy and elated at times, and then spiral into a deep depression.
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Symptoms of depression include feeling sad, down, hopeless, indecisive or irritable. It can take the fun out of life leaving you feeling numb, lethargic and empty.
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Children with ADHD may have trouble paying attention and trouble focusing on a task or assignment. Other symptoms include being wound up, busy, and restless.